Saatchi watches are born from a vision for elegance and precision timekeeping. We build on exquisite Italian traditions of embodying style and luxury with world-class performance and durability.
Non vedo l’ora!
In true italian style, we embrace the unconventional and are excited by every possibility. Our watches embody this spirit and we are always looking for something amazing to be part of – for something that will sweep us away.

Our collections

A range of influences are seen in the current Saatchi collections, with each line carefully designed to be functional and elegant, but more importantly, to embrace our ethos of balancing, work, life and fun.
Our watches accentuate your personal style around the clock. They are designed to underscore formal wear, as well as to show off your mysterious side.

CITTÀ MAGICHE is a collection inspired by the magic of Italian cities and towns, many of which are renowned for their vibrant and dramatic urban landscapes. They still draw color and character from the palette of renaissance and baroque masters. The colors of the Città Magiche collection are taken from the primary palettes of those times, where stark ivory black sits alongside vermillion, azurite and copper resinate.

Thin is definitely in, and at Saatchi our SUPER SLIM line clocks a thickness of just 6mm. The embodiment of premium luxury, the collection is positioned atop the range and features brushed stainless steel and anti-reflection glass over a vibrant dial that features clean bezels. Super Slim also offers Arabic numeral options – a custom feature added for customers from the Middle East.

L’OTTAGONO is based on visual balance and simplicity. Each watch features a colored octagonal dial with a radiating faux shimmer and modern black strap options. The design is inspired by many subtle but central octagonal features used in Italian architecture and interior
designs, starting from the beginning of the first millennium.


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